The animal communication uses other levels of frequencies to which we need to connect to. All beings have this ability; but first of all we humans must learn to overcome our mental barriers and make our mind an ally to our intuition. From this level which some people can relate to as a modified state of consciousness (comparable but different to meditation) is the communicator able to receive messages in various forms that vary depending on his abilities and channels activated.



Based on a photo, I connect mentally to your animal in order to ask your questions. The animal answers me, usually in a rather clear way. This tool can be used to have a better understanding of an inappropriate behavior or simply to have a dialogue. However, it is important that the messages and what the animal shares about its daily life be taken into account in order to restore harmony. Consequently, it is sometimes necessary that the caretaker agrees to make certain changes too.

Behavioral issues : when an animal presents a behavioral problem (intempestif barking, loss of hair, spraying in the house, stress, fear, bad obedience, aggressiveness) there is always a message behind it to be heard. The animal, not being able to address us directly, does not know how to make us understand the situation in a different way.

Training problem : I check with the animal to understand the lack of performance or learning problem.

Improve your relation : I find out how you can make your animal happier and understand its needs.

Welcome a new animal: I ask the animal present for its opinion on the adoption of a new animal or inquire about the past of an animal which you would like to welcome in your home.

Help wounded or sick animals : I see with the animal how it is possible to offer help, if suffering pain from a physical problem and/or whether it is linked to an emotional issue.

Support an animal towards the end of its life on earth : I can offer support during the process and can share with you its last wishes – if any – and give reassurance when necessary, knowing that animals are usually much more at ease with the death process than we are as humans!

Please note that this communication does not prevent you from consulting a vet if necessary