Hormonal status

Is your animal still growing

Physical condition of the animal

Current food given

How is the appetite

Describe eating behavior

How are the stools

Are the stools sometimes covered with mucus

Are there non-digested nutrients in the stools

Is there sometimes blood in the stools

(Already BARFING) are the stools sometimes white & bony

(For dog owners) are the anal glands regularly congested

What is your animal’s nature

What climate is your animal more resistant to

How was it detected?

Any chronic disease

What type of nutrition plan do you require

How many feedings a day

Do you wish to have a fasting day per week

Do you wish to include cereals

Do you wish to include raw tripes

Do you wish to include fish in the diet

Do you wish to include raw bones

For puppies: Do you wish to give puppy mash

How many days a week do you wish to add required / suggested supplements

How many days a week do you wish to include raw tripes / raw bones

What is the average fat content of the muscular meat currently used

Coverage of nutritional values: The coverage of some nutritive elements may not meet the recommendation of the National Research Council (NRC) currently in force. For adult animals, this applies in particular to the zinc and manganese levels and for animals in their growing phase additionally to the calcium and phosphor levels. A real lack of these nutritive elements may have consequences on the animal’s health. However, it should be noted that these NRC recommendations consider a bioavailability of these nutritive elements of only 10 to 50%, meaning that it is assumed that 50 to 90% of them are not absorbed by the body. Prompted by this knowledge, the owners of the animal assume that a BARF nutrition plan based on and reproducing the composition of a “natural prey” does not bring about deficiency symptoms, despite the inability to meet certain NRC recommendations, given the fact that nutritive elements are better absorbed. The previously mentioned bioavailability is thus superior to the one considered and given by the NRC.

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