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Biologically Adapted Raw Feeding

Please ask yourself:

  • Do you feed yourself and your family daily with tins, ready-made soups and hamburgers?
  • Are you contended with a monotonous diet, each day resembling the next?
  • Have you given up eating any fresh products?
  • Would you agree that fastfood is the basis of a well-balanced diet?

Most probably not! However feeding your dog or cat industrial food amounts to nothing else than sending your family everyday to McDonald’s or preparing their meal in a microwave, obesity and lack of energy as an end result of this lifestyle.

The very heart of my preoccupation is the importance of a well-balanced diet excluding any dry food – NO MATTER HOW NATURAL THEY PRETEND TO BE – produced by extrusion (a manufacturing process where the ingredients are heated up to 135 degrees resulting in the loss of natural proteins, vitamins, micronutrients and enzymes.

It is absolutely possible to feed our animals healthy meals – without compromising on taste and diversity – respecting the needs of the species and taking into account the imperatives of modern lives as pet owners.

B.A.R.F is a healthy yet simple way of feeding your dog and cat, contrary to pre-conceived ideas on the subject. I am at your disposal to formulate a nutrition plan adapted to your animal, taking into consideration health, age, activity level and last but not least its taste preferences…

Let your food be your medicine, And your medicine your food.

Hippocrate (460 BC)