The knowledge and experience of 4000 years oriental medicine at your doorstep

There are only few differences between the organism of humans and animals. The therapeutic properties of those mushrooms have been known from times immemorial in Chinese medicine and have proven effective also in animals. The primary focus in mycotherapy is to recognize the causes of a pathology; this is a central aspect next to the relief of symptoms. The individual cause of the pathology will lead to the choice of the appropriate mushrooms taking into consideration the specificities of your animal.

Those mushrooms have a beneficial action on the immune system, the oxygen absorption in the blood as well as the central nervous system; their therapeutic virtues are also very interesting in cases of various tumors whose growth can thus be inhibited.

They contain invaluable minerals and trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. They reinforce and protect the kidneys and the liver and are beneficial to the heart myocardial muscle and respiratory tracts. They can be used either prophylactically or in various phases of life (i.e. growth, lactating females, ageing animals).

The specific dosage must be decided individually depending on the pathology and the disease severity, the size of the animal as well as the combination of mushrooms that are needed.

To make sure your animal – if a fussy eater – gets the required dosage, the capsules can be opened and the powder mixed with water and administered directly in the mouth using a seringue (obviously without the needle). Another possibility is to add the powder to some cheese, food or some banana for dogs; preferably liverwurst, butter or fish oil for cats. For fish the powder can be added directly in the aquarium. Horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep and goats with some oat or an apple.

The therapeutic mushrooms must be taken over a lengthier period of approx. 3 months in order to get visible results. Your patience is therefore a key element of the success.

In the event of a serious or chronic illness, a therapy over a longer period of time might be recommended.