Throughout her childhood and adolescence the animals that shared the house – the dogs in particular – gave Noorlyne a presence and understanding that her parents, both largely taken up with their professional activities, were often too busy to provide.

At a very early stage she became aware of the invisible, loving presence of the different forms of energy that surround us, without knowing what to do about them or daring to talk about it…

The years passed by, her time taken up by a typical professional career, more or less setting aside her feelings and perceptions for which there was no frame. However Noorlyne realized deep down that she was missing something essential. A turning point in her life came when she had to face up all at once the suicide of a loved one, a difficult professional situation and some health problems. To help her manage these circumstances she started looking into her own personal development and to her great surprise, she discovered that each one of us has incredible abilities lying dormant, waiting only to be seen, recognized and above all accepted before they can manifest themselves once the intent has been clearly set.

As a Practitioner in energetic therapies, Medium and Soul Transition Walker, Noorlyne is accompanying you with indulgence in all questions linked to the health and well-being of your animal in a holistic, non-invasive and respectful approach.