If one field gives rise to numerous heated debates and an equal amount of Internet forums it is the subject of pet nutrition, enough to confuse and scare off some caretakers who might end up not being able to make head or tail of it. Beyond the sometimes purist approach to B.A.R.F. this workshop gives you the foundation, knowledge & the appropriate tools for your animal’s diet, based on the specificities (i.e. size, age, health issues) of one and each individual. You will be able to:

  • Understand and have some basic yet useful knowledge on anatomy, digestion, vaccination schemes, de-worming treatments;
  • Choose the appropriate ingredients (meat, vegetables, oils) and the dietary supplements if and when needed;
  • Composition of the portion;
  • What alternative(s) when on holiday or travelling; decipher the labels on industrial food, which is another subject most people are at loss with…

Noorlyne shares her extensive knowledge acquired during various nutrition trainings with Dr. Jutta Ziegler & currently Swanie Simon. There will be time to discuss with fellow students and questions are welcome.