Handmade in the heart of Valais for you and your animals, the amazing stone elixirs of Simone Rutishauser offer an invaluable help for the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. They help restore & align the energetic vibration with the physical body.

The elixirs shown below give you an insight of the full range of the 12 elixirs (drops) and the 6 elixirs (spray) which are all available at the cabinet.

Rose quartz

PEACE: One of the most gentle stones, perfect for medium-term soothing when the rhodonite that works quicker can be too strong. Facilitates the integration of a new animal into the pack.


SEPARATION: Addresses all grief processes, separation from the owner or other animals in the pack, change of environment. Soothing properties, contributes towards defusing extreme emotions.


ANCHORING: This elixir is the “SOS” remedy in case of chocs, traumas and panic (comparable to Dr. Bach’s Rescue). Invaluable help for all changes in the daily routine. To be kept nearby!


EXPRESSION: The key word here is harmony and a soothing effect, especially on the emotional level. Supports the nervous animal and contributes towards concentration issues, useful for training,


INFINITE LOVE: Useful to regain orientation, facilitates the heart opening and can be helpful for animals fearful of human contact due to negative experiences in the past.

Rock Cristal

LIGHT: Through its purifying and equilibrating properties, this elixir helps the animal overcome a trauma, ill-treatment or agressions of any kind. Lights the way and gives courage to follow this path.