Each animal – like us humans – is born with a given health “bonus” that varies from one individual to the other.  That’s the way it is! When we are presented with a dysfunction and its symptoms, it is of course important to offer some relief but equally essential to search for the cause in its entirety, which is what the oriental approach of medicine tend to be doing. One has to remember that the balance – much more so than its opposite – demands a conscious effort from our side.

Our animals have numerous messages to transmit to their human partners. However, their interpretations are not always easy as we tend to be governed by our emotions. An inappropriate behavior for us could be in fact one of the many ways they might use to attract our attention to a somewhat difficult situation for them. It is useful at times to have an external point of view in order to clarify the situation and in so doing, straighten a seemingly tortuous path to the problem. We will be looking together at various approaches to give the best possible support to your pet.